Monthly Archives: September 2016

She Looks Back At Me

I finished the blocking in stage of Belle’s portrait today. I’m not really satisfied with it but this is the first step only and there’s plenty of time to make adjustments.Her long wavy fur will be a challenge! I was getting frustrated after about an hour today, having worked on it for 2 hours yesterday. […]

Taking A Detour

I usually paint wildlife, but recently I read a blog post about Belle, the Great American Farm Dog. She became a service dog for a paraplegic farmer after he won a contest in 1996. On at least one occasion she saved his life. You can read more of Belle’s service dog story by clicking here. Belle’s story […]

Learning Something New

Jason Morgan is one of my favorite online art teachers, and a terrific wildlife artist. I’d been wanting to try one of his white-on-black tutorials, but didn’t have black paper. When a local art store had a big moving sale I was able to buy some black cardstock very cheaply. So yesterday I sat down […]

Bumblebees and Bergamot

This painting began with a simple acrylic undercoat, seen in the featured image above. It’s progressed slowly but steadily ever since. Yesterday details of the Monarda flower (bee balm/wild bergamot) were added. Now the bees have a pretty target for all their attention! A little pollen was added to the bees’ bodies and the color of the […]