A Little Competition

Today I finished the second of two paintings for consideration by the Sandler Center Art Gallery in Virginia Beach.

My competitors are my fellow students at Virginia Beach School of Art and Gallery (VBSAG). Twenty-five paintings will be chosen Monday to be displayed in this major venue in July. Each of us is allowed to submit two paintings. It’s entirely possible for neither entry to be selected for the exhibition, but I hope that won’t happen!

Having one painting chosen would be exciting; having both included would be a very big confidence boost indeed.

One of my paintings is from a photo I took of a mule deer in Colorado. I’m still debating what to title it.

The other is “in the style of…” Bryan Mark Taylor. I’m calling it “Pennsylvania Pastoral”. Both canvases are larger than usual since the minimum size for the competition is 18×24 inches. Both are oils, too.

Wish me luck! Which one do you think is most likely to be chosen?


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