Thank you for visiting! I’m Amy, the artist behind Amelia A. Boyer Nature Art.


Inspired By The Love Of Nature

Observing animals and plants has been a lifelong joy. Through my art I hope to share the dignity and individuality of animals, and the vibrancy of flowers, with you. Art has come full circle for me. It began as a child with drawing and painting, was suspended through the years of raising children and teaching biology, and now it provides a creative outlet, an intellectual challenge, and a stimulating “second act”.

Inspired To Create And Learn

The enjoyment of learning and play lasts a lifetime. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Hanover College, and a Master of Science in Education degree from Old Dominion University. However I believe we are all self-educated. Teachers are just facilitators.  Creativity is a form of play that sometimes gets neglected in adulthood. As a mother of three, I was learning and creating all day every day – finding fun opportunities, sewing curtains, trying new recipes, making vacation plans, etc. Teaching science was an outlet for every ounce of creativity I have, and believe me, no teacher ever has enough knowledge. I loved writing new lab investigations and finding ways to incorporate arts and crafts into science lessons.

The children grew up, and I retired from teaching. As a child I loved to draw and paint. Now art – painting, nature journaling, and drawing – gives me an unlimited chance to learn and create. I especially enjoy oil painting, because learning is all about making mistakes, and oil paint is very forgiving. There is always a new challenge to try.

Inspired By The Love Of Family

I cherish the memories of time spent outdoors with our children and grandchildren. Ted started it all with a camping trip to Nova Scotia for our honeymoon in 1979! He introduced me to scuba beginning my enduring fascination with underwater wildlife. We shared our love of the outdoors with our three children. Family vacations were spent camping and hiking in many state and national parks. We swam at the beach; our son learned to surf from Ted and our daughters learned to bodysurf the California waves. We played in the snow in Maine and Virginia. We pressed wildflowers and identified bugs. We grew vegetables, watched the squirrels eat our apples, and watched chicks fledge from the birdhouse in the back yard.

Over the years our family has grown to include our daughters’ husbands and two energetic grandchildren. It’s a joy to see them continuing to appreciate being active outside. Interacting with nature is woven deeply into the fabric of our family.

I hope you like what you see at Amelia A. Boyer Nature Art.

May it inspire you to spend time out in nature, and perhaps bring some nature art into your home and workplace.