Spring in November

Today is a drizzly, gray, chilly November day. Fall has finally arrived after weeks of summer-like temperatures.  So what could be better than a look back to this past Spring? My favorite season (perhaps yours too) will be back; the blossoms, the sweet scents, the Dawn Chorus of the birds, the lengthening days, new green […]

A Painting’s Evolution

I’ve mentioned before that it can be hard to decide when a painting is finished. But I think many novice painters (myself included) have the opposite problem. It’s so easy to give up too soon. Every painting has an “ugly baby” stage. It doesn’t begin to match the desired result. It looks, perhaps, like the […]

Whirlwind Month

August has a lot going on! “Pennsylvania Pastoral” is still on display at the Sandler Center. The Artist’s Reception on 8/3 was a glitzy event, complete with a string quartet, cash bar, and buffet table. Ted, Kevin, and I enjoyed viewing the works by other students at Virginia Beach School of Art. I learned an […]

Summer Update – A Hot, Hot Day In July

Boy, it’s been summer for three months now according to the thermometer! I’ve been busy both indoors and out in the heat, at the zoo, in the studio, at painting class, watering the garden, entertaining guests at the beach and celebrating graduations… The Sandler Center will be exhibiting my landscape, Pennsylvania Pastoral, in August, along […]

A Little Competition

Today I finished the second of two paintings for consideration by the Sandler Center Art Gallery in Virginia Beach. My competitors are my fellow students at Virginia Beach School of Art and Gallery (VBSAG). Twenty-five paintings will be chosen Monday to be displayed in this major venue in July. Each of us is allowed to […]

New Painting and a May Update

You may have noticed I’m posting less lately. The truth is that I’m in a weekly painting class that is teaching me so much. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that a lot of my studio time is spent working on paintings for class. The time is well spent. Today the […]

Drumroll Please

There’s some exciting news to share! The Central Library of our city (pictured here) will be hosting an exhibition of my paintings throughout September. Fifteen to twenty of my paintings will be on display. This is, for me, a Big Deal! It will be the first time my artwork is displayed to the general public. I’m glad […]

Sometimes You Just Have To Sit With It

About a week ago I painted an octopus. Not just any octopus, this one was climbing over a rock wall for several minutes in daylight as a we followed, taking photos. It was an incredible dive experience for us. Something about the images just fascinates me and draws my attention over and over. I chose to […]