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A Painting’s Evolution

I’ve mentioned before that it can be hard to decide when a painting is finished. But I think many novice painters (myself included) have the opposite problem. It’s so easy to give up too soon. Every painting has an “ugly baby” stage. It doesn’t begin to match the desired result. It looks, perhaps, like the […]

Sometimes You Just Have To Sit With It

About a week ago I painted an octopus. Not just any octopus, this one was climbing over a rock wall for several minutes in daylight as a we followed, taking photos. It was an incredible dive experience for us. Something about the images just fascinates me and draws my attention over and over. I chose to […]

Glazing For A Spotlight

Usually I don’t do any more to a painting once I’ve signed it. But – every time lately that I walked past my easel my most recent painting was begging for a little touch of glazing. I’ve been watching some little 5 minute videos by Richard Robinson, a New Zealand artist (you can see one here). […]

Fun With Wet-On-Wet Technique

Wet-on-wet is the kind of painting popularized years ago by Bob Ross. Essentially, the canvas is prepped with either a coat of oil (I like walnut oil) or a thin base of oil and paint. The background is then added and mixes into the base coat. It’s very easy to blend colors this way right […]

Learning Something New

Jason Morgan is one of my favorite online art teachers, and a terrific wildlife artist. I’d been wanting to try one of his white-on-black tutorials, but didn’t have black paper. When a local art store had a big moving sale I was able to buy some black cardstock very cheaply. So yesterday I sat down […]

Learning About Bumblebees

They call them “studies” -the preliminary drawings before executing a painting – and for good reason. My ignorance of the anatomy of a bumblebee became obvious as soon as I tried to think how to compensate for fuzzy focus in the reference photos. Of course I knew that as insects, they had 6 legs, a […]

In The Background

Last post, I showed you the acrylic underpainting of three bees.  Today I thought it might be interesting to see the next step. The bees and petals are carefully covered with masking tape, and extra tape at the edges outlined with an X-Acto knife. I’m not too worried at this stage about precision. I know there will be […]

Bee-zy Day

After being under the weather the past couple of days, I woke today with lots of energy and a long to-do list. I needed to be a busy bee to get it all done. Near the top of the list was starting a new painting! I decided to use photos I took last month of a […]