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Sometimes You Just Have To Sit With It

About a week ago I painted an octopus. Not just any octopus, this one was climbing over a rock wall for several minutes in daylight as a we followed, taking photos. It was an incredible dive experience for us. Something about the images just fascinates me and draws my attention over and over. I chose to […]

Glazing For A Spotlight

Usually I don’t do any more to a painting once I’ve signed it. But – every time lately that I walked past my easel my most recent painting was begging for a little touch of glazing. I’ve been watching some little 5 minute videos by Richard Robinson, a New Zealand artist (you can see one here). […]

Fun With Wet-On-Wet Technique

Wet-on-wet is the kind of painting popularized years ago by Bob Ross. Essentially, the canvas is prepped with either a coat of oil (I like walnut oil) or a thin base of oil and paint. The background is then added and mixes into the base coat. It’s very easy to blend colors this way right […]

Learning Something New

Jason Morgan is one of my favorite online art teachers, and a terrific wildlife artist. I’d been wanting to try one of his white-on-black tutorials, but didn’t have black paper. When a local art store had a big moving sale I was able to buy some black cardstock very cheaply. So yesterday I sat down […]

Learning About Bumblebees

They call them “studies” -the preliminary drawings before executing a painting – and for good reason. My ignorance of the anatomy of a bumblebee became obvious as soon as I tried to think how to compensate for fuzzy focus in the reference photos. Of course I knew that as insects, they had 6 legs, a […]

In The Background

Last post, I showed you the acrylic underpainting of three bees.  Today I thought it might be interesting to see the next step. The bees and petals are carefully covered with masking tape, and extra tape at the edges outlined with an X-Acto knife. I’m not too worried at this stage about precision. I know there will be […]

Bee-zy Day

After being under the weather the past couple of days, I woke today with lots of energy and a long to-do list. I needed to be a busy bee to get it all done. Near the top of the list was starting a new painting! I decided to use photos I took last month of a […]