Drumroll Please

There’s some exciting news to share! The Central Library of our city (pictured here) will be hosting an exhibition of my paintings throughout September. Fifteen to twenty of my paintings will be on display. This is, for me, a Big Deal! It will be the first time my artwork is displayed to the general public. I’m glad I have a few months to get ready – all the paintings must be framed, paperwork completed, a bio prepared…but that will all be fun and new.

And that’s not all! I finally got a favorable day for photographing five new paintings in beautiful light. You may have seen them before, but those were low resolution photos taken with my phone or iPad. But today I could bring out the tripod, easel, and super duper fancy Canon EOS T6i for the incredibly detailed, high-resolution photos that are required for giclée prints. The first of these to go up in the website is Lily Pads! I’ll be bringing out the rest as the week goes on. But you can hop up to the “Shop” button (hop – frogs – get it?) to see Lily Pads today!

And finally, 20 percent of all artwork purchases during the month of April will go to The Nature Conservancy. This outstanding organization works to ensure that people and nature in seventy-two countries can thrive together . They’ve been conserving natural places for 65 years, and with over a million members like me, will continue their work for generations to come.

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