In The Background

Last post, I showed you the acrylic underpainting of three bees. 


Today I thought it might be interesting to see the next step. The bees and petals are carefully covered with masking tape, and extra tape at the edges outlined with an X-Acto knife. I’m not too worried at this stage about precision. I know there will be cleanup work to do at the edges later. Once the masking is done the background can be brushed in with oils. It all looks a little scary by the end!


Two days later, the tape is carefully removed. The background is still tacky so I won’t do any more on the painting for another day or two. I’ll use the time to do some studies – preliminary drawings – with pencil and charcoal. “Seeing” with a pencil in hand forces me to notice details of the structure of the bees and flower that will save time when I resume the painting.


I’m happy with the color and delighted to still be able to see some of the wings on the lower bee – that will be a big help. Interesting, isn’t it,  how lighting affects the colors? One photo was taken in the afternoon and one in the morning.

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