Learning Something New

Jason Morgan is one of my favorite online art teachers, and a terrific wildlife artist. I’d been wanting to try one of his white-on-black tutorials, but didn’t have black paper. When a local art store had a big moving sale I was able to buy some black cardstock very cheaply.

So yesterday I sat down to do all three parts of a zebra tutorial (click here to see part 1). I don’t have the Derwent Chinese White pencil in the supply list, but I had 2 other white pencils. I also don’t have white tracing paper yet, so I had to find my own way of transferring the drawing to black paper.


This zebra drawing was lots of fun and kind of tricky, with getting the stripes in about the right places. The end result looks pretty good, though that bright white Derwent pencil would have been nice. Something to add to the shopping list! Trying something new keeps drawing and painting from ever getting stale. I’m grateful for the artists who share their expertise.



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