New Graphite Pencils to Play With

I enjoy drawing with pencils. Usually I use a reference photo and challenge myself to draw freehand. It can be difficult to get the proportions right. Drawing Ryobi the rhinoceros hornbill recently, I had given him a little dwarf casque above his beak and had to go back and enlarge it halfway through!

Haha, that’s better!

Still, I feel like drawing freehand helps me learn and get better at noticing angles and negative space.  Since I took up drawing three years ago, I’ve used the same two graphite pencils. They’re getting awfully short and stubby.

Then last week we got a sale ad from an art supply store, and a graphite pencil set caught my eye. Twelve pencils ranging in hardness from 2H to 8B! I just had to have them – and picked up some Bristol paper and painting supplies to make the drive worthwhile.

I’ve been sewing lined drapes for the dining room, so I’ve only played with my new pencils once. I experimented to see how the hardness affected the darkness and fineness of each pencil.

My graphite drawings are fun to look back at. In some cases I like the drawing as much as, or more than, the painting I did of the subject later! Sometimes I think about matting them and giving them away, but I don’t think anyone else would really want them. So I’ll just keep them stacked on a shelf.

What should I draw first with these cool new pencils?

2 thoughts on “New Graphite Pencils to Play With

  1. Caren Gittleman says:

    Oh my your work is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!! Just subscribed to yours. You know what is funny? I mentioned in my blog post that my Father was a famous Editorial Cartoonist (Ray Osrin), well, his mother’s name was “Amelia” I ADORED HER!!! And…my husband, taught Middle School in the Inner City of Detroit (Special Ed), for 36 years at Amelia Earhart Middle School. It is destiny that I follow you! Also…graphite and all pencils are MY preferred medium!! Wishing you the best of luck with your class and I am so happy to meet you!

    • Amy says:

      Wow Caren so many little coincidences there. I hope you’ll share your art on Dakota’s Den sometimes. My other blog is Terra Toby so we’ve been commenting back and forth about our animals but I didn’t realize you were an artist too! Thank you for following both of my blogs now 🙂 and give Dakota a pat for me and Toby.

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