New Painting and a May Update

You may have noticed I’m posting less lately. The truth is that I’m in a weekly painting class that is teaching me so much. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that a lot of my studio time is spent working on paintings for class. The time is well spent.

Today the instructor, Joe Simone, liked my work-in-progress painting so much he put it on the VBSAG website! You can see it by clicking here.

In the category “better late than never”, Acadian Birches is now available at the website shop! It’s an original oil painting, 12×16 inches. Acadian Birches is also available as a giclée print in two sizes. It’s always exciting to add a new painting to the gallery!

And only three days late (!) I’ve updated the environmental group my artwork is supporting this month. In May I will donate 20% of every sale to Defenders of Wildlife. Defenders of Wildlife is one of the top conservation groups in the country. If you love wolves you should know that they have done incredible work to protect wolves and other wildlife in the American West. Nationally they also make a big impact for our unique and vanishing native wildlife. Click here to see for yourself what they’re doing right now.

2 thoughts on “New Painting and a May Update

    • Amy says:

      Thank you Caren! Sorry it took so long to reply – lots of busy-ness and some discouragement lately – but kind words like yours are very helpful!

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