Oil and Water

I like painting with oils very much…but they don’t travel well. Or maybe I just don’t know the trick to traveling with wet oil paintings. So for our post-Thanksgiving dive trip to the Caribbean island of Bonaire, I packed watercolor paper and little sample-sized tubes of watercolor paint. I knew I’d have time to experiment with the unfamiliar medium. I couldn’t dive with my husband and son while I recuperated from surgery on a broken arm.

Oh, dear. Turns out oil and water not only don’t mix, but they don’t paint the same either. I gave up after two very lame attempts at watercolors!



Watercolorists, you have my respect! I’ll have to take lessons before I try this again. I’m not sorry I experimented, but it was humbling! Have you ever had that happen when you tried something new?


It was satisfying to return to oils back at home, and finish this challenging “Lily Pads” painting.




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