She Looks Back At Me

I finished the blocking in stage of Belle’s portrait today. I’m not really satisfied with it but this is the first step only and there’s plenty of time to make adjustments.Her long wavy fur will be a challenge! I was getting frustrated after about an hour today, having worked on it for 2 hours yesterday. When that happens it’s best to switch, for me, to the eyes. They don’t have to be perfect yet, but I like to get close enough to feel like the animal is coming to life. In Belle’s case, her eyes are so dark in the reference photo that I had some trouble placing the pupils and the highlights that mark the reflection of the sky and sun. I probably need to touch up the brown irises, give some reflection on the lower eyelids, and of course get the surrounding fur just so.

But at least now she’s got some expression and personality, and that’s very motivating!


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