Spring in November

Today is a drizzly, gray, chilly November day. Fall has finally arrived after weeks of summer-like temperatures. 

So what could be better than a look back to this past Spring? My favorite season (perhaps yours too) will be back; the blossoms, the sweet scents, the Dawn Chorus of the birds, the lengthening days, new green leaves popping out. For the dreary days like today, I’ve put “Blooms Collide” on the website. This is a scene from our back yard, where a cherry, forsythia, and wax myrtle push and shove a bit to get as much warm sunshine as possible. 

Blooms Collide

Visit the Shop to get a little taste of Spring in November! And the Dawn Chorus reminds me – all month I’m giving 20% of every purchase to the Audubon Society!

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