Summer Update – A Hot, Hot Day In July

Boy, it’s been summer for three months now according to the thermometer! I’ve been busy both indoors and out in the heat, at the zoo, in the studio, at painting class, watering the garden, entertaining guests at the beach and celebrating graduations…

  • The Sandler Center will be exhibiting my landscape, Pennsylvania Pastoral, in August, along with around 20 other paintings by other students. The reception for artists will be on August 3rd. It should be lots of fun!

  • I’m still accumulating frames to get ready to exhibit 16-20 paintings at the Central Library throughout September. Every time there’s a sale I try to pick up one or two more.

  1. I’m taking the summer off from classes at the Virginia Beach School of Art. The last painting I completed there before the break is a landscape based on the work of John Grimshaw. He’s famous as a painter of moonlight scenes. I really love the colors in this painting.

  • There’s a new painting for sale on the website – you’ve seen it on the blog before, but now the official photo is online. It’s called Oona’s World, based on the Virginia Zoo’s female rhinoceros hornbill. Incidentally, she and Riobi have been exhibiting mating behaviors (courting) and she’s been hopping in and out of the nest box! Fingers crossed for hornbill chicks!

  • Speaking of the Zoo and babies, a baby giraffe was born just four weeks ago today! Last week I had an observation gig while Iggy was introduced to everyone who will share the giraffe yard while she grows up: Mom Imara, Auntie Noelly, Dad Billy, a pair of ostriches, deer-like duikers, Southern Ground Hornbills, and of course the ducks and geese that come in to freeload. I got several painting-worthy photos but I think this one will be first –

  • Finally, 20% of every sale at Amelia A. Boyer Nature Art in July will be donated to Natural Resources Defense Council. I’m a longtime supporter of this powerful organization who defends the environment and wildlife in court. In one huge court victory, for example, the Navy no longer can use their most powerful sonar willy-nilly, which leads to mass strandings of whales and terrible injuries to their ears. In the current political climate the NRDC needs as much help as it can get to keep the law on the side of OUR natural resources and habitats for wild animals.


“We combine the power of more than two million members and online activists with the expertise of some 500 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates across the globe to ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water, and the wild. Join Us.” -NRDC

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