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Spring in November

Today is a drizzly, gray, chilly November day. Fall has finally arrived after weeks of summer-like temperatures.  So what could be better than a look back to this past Spring? My favorite season (perhaps yours too) will be back; the blossoms, the sweet scents, the Dawn Chorus of the birds, the lengthening days, new green […]

Taking An Art Class

 Leaving the fabric store with 24 yards of heavy material in my arms, I saw a signboard on the sidewalk. It advertised art classes and gallery space in the adjacent building. I’d been feeling stuck and frustrated with my painting lately. I wanted to meet other painters, I wanted some constructive criticism, and most of all I […]

Bumblebees and Bergamot

This painting began with a simple acrylic undercoat, seen in the featured image above. It’s progressed slowly but steadily ever since. Yesterday details of the Monarda flower (bee balm/wild bergamot) were added. Now the bees have a pretty target for all their attention! A little pollen was added to the bees’ bodies and the color of the […]

Learning About Bumblebees

They call them “studies” -the preliminary drawings before executing a painting – and for good reason. My ignorance of the anatomy of a bumblebee became obvious as soon as I tried to think how to compensate for fuzzy focus in the reference photos. Of course I knew that as insects, they had 6 legs, a […]

In The Background

Last post, I showed you the acrylic underpainting of three bees.  Today I thought it might be interesting to see the next step. The bees and petals are carefully covered with masking tape, and extra tape at the edges outlined with an X-Acto knife. I’m not too worried at this stage about precision. I know there will be […]

Bee-zy Day

After being under the weather the past couple of days, I woke today with lots of energy and a long to-do list. I needed to be a busy bee to get it all done. Near the top of the list was starting a new painting! I decided to use photos I took last month of a […]