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Whirlwind Month

August has a lot going on! “Pennsylvania Pastoral” is still on display at the Sandler Center. The Artist’s Reception on 8/3 was a glitzy event, complete with a string quartet, cash bar, and buffet table. Ted, Kevin, and I enjoyed viewing the works by other students at Virginia Beach School of Art. I learned an […]

Oil and Water

I like painting with oils very much…but they don’t travel well. Or maybe I just don’t know the trick to traveling with wet oil paintings. So for our post-Thanksgiving dive trip to the Caribbean island of Bonaire, I packed watercolor paper and little sample-sized tubes of watercolor paint. I knew I’d have time to experiment with […]

Fun With Wet-On-Wet Technique

Wet-on-wet is the kind of painting popularized years ago by Bob Ross. Essentially, the canvas is prepped with either a coat of oil (I like walnut oil) or a thin base of oil and paint. The background is then added and mixes into the base coat. It’s very easy to blend colors this way right […]

Is It Finished?

Jason Morgan, a wildlife artist I follow, recently posted about a drawing that he knew he had more work to do when his wife asked, “Is it finished?”. If she couldn’t tell, it must not be done yet. Determining when to declare a drawing or painting finished is tricky. It’s so easy to cross the […]

She Looks Back At Me

I finished the blocking in stage of Belle’s portrait today. I’m not really satisfied with it but this is the first step only and there’s plenty of time to make adjustments.Her long wavy fur will be a challenge! I was getting frustrated after about an hour today, having worked on it for 2 hours yesterday. […]

Bumblebees and Bergamot

This painting began with a simple acrylic undercoat, seen in the featured image above. It’s progressed slowly but steadily ever since. Yesterday details of the Monarda flower (bee balm/wild bergamot) were added. Now the bees have a pretty target for all their attention! A little pollen was added to the bees’ bodies and the color of the […]

Learning About Bumblebees

They call them “studies” -the preliminary drawings before executing a painting – and for good reason. My ignorance of the anatomy of a bumblebee became obvious as soon as I tried to think how to compensate for fuzzy focus in the reference photos. Of course I knew that as insects, they had 6 legs, a […]

In The Background

Last post, I showed you the acrylic underpainting of three bees.  Today I thought it might be interesting to see the next step. The bees and petals are carefully covered with masking tape, and extra tape at the edges outlined with an X-Acto knife. I’m not too worried at this stage about precision. I know there will be […]