Welcome To My Studio!

Hi, I’m Amy, and I’m so happy you’re here today to check out my new blog! Here I’ll be showing you artwork in progress on my easel, discussing the ups and downs of making art, sharing tips and resources, and letting you know when new artwork is available in the Amelia A. Boyer Nature Art store.

This is my happy place.

Let’s take a tour of my studio,  where the messy stuff happens.  Hey, look who followed us in!  It’s my faithful art assistant, Toby! Isn’t he cute?


Except when he eats my walnut oil. A topic for another day… He has his very own blog called Terra Toby. You can visit him there by clicking the link.

This went from a child’s bedroom to guest bedroom when we became empty nesters. After I retired from teaching I started spending time nature journaling and on Pinterest. The idea of a craft room became an obsession. Eventually, in came this craft table that my husband had custom built for me.


For a while I did crafts from my Pinterest board, like the lampshade for the craft table lamp. Painting and drawing gradually consumed most of my time in here, and I started thinking of it as my studio.

I did sew new curtains for our kitchen last month. The dedicated sewing machine space really helped.


A cozy place to read, draw, paint, and relax.

Another early craft project was the French memo board over the sofa. It’s not so much an organizer as a place to keep memorabilia.



There’s a bookcase for art books, magazines (where else could I keep all my Scientific Americans?), some of my science books, and drawings. The seascape over the bookcase was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.




The easel is over by the window in the corner with a toned canvas waiting for me. One of my glass palettes is on the table. Behind the little easel on the table are all of my brushes and palette knives.


Storage for supplies

Each end of the table is open shelving. On this side are all of my paints, solvents, brush cleaners, oils, and so on. The other side has glues, tapes, my sewing basket, glitter, sprays, and other craft supplies. The best part is that unless you need them, these messy shelves aren’t obvious from the doorway.


Now that you’ve seen my studio, I hope you’ll visit me here often and visit my online gallery at Amelia A. Boyer Nature Art. See you soon!

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